Extinction A.D. have announced today that their fourth studio album, To The Detested, will be released on August 16th through Unique Leader Records.

At the same time, we are getting the first taste of the record, via the music video for “Impervious (Unrepentant)”, an incendiary banger featuring Trivium’s Matthew Kiichi Heafy.

“‘Impervious’ is another exercise for us in stretching ourselves,” explains the band. “Embracing some different tempos, instrumentation, and inclusion of guest vocals with Matt Heafy. Working with Matt on the track as well as the video was very gratifying and a lot of fun. He’s been a big supporter of the band since the jump so it was rad to get together for some music after all this time.”

“Time moves on but things sometimes seem to sink further and further into a festering pit in this world. Humans are steadily losing their humanity in the current state of things, so finding a way to survive without becoming a monster yourself is becoming increasingly difficult.”

To The Detested follows their EP Ruthless Intent from earlier this year.

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