We have some hope for those eagerly awaiting news regarding upcoming studio material from Swedish death metallers Dismember. Vocalist Matti Kärki recently hinted at the possibility of a new album during an interview with Hells Headbangers‘ Justin Horval at the Maryland Deathfest.

Discussing the band’s potential follow-up to their 2008 self-titled album, Kärki shared, “I know we have to do something. First of all, we need to, or we want to, keep our style, but still, it has to be different in a way, because there are a lot of bands who do the old stuff. So, we have to find our new niche, what we’re doing. But at this moment, I think we have a couple of riffs. The guys have been writing at home. We haven’t heard it. We haven’t done anything. The only thing we’ve been talking about, yeah, we need to do a new album. And we have to find a way to make songs across three different countries — Fred in the States, three of us in Sweden, and one in Belgium… We’ll see what happens since we only talked about it.”

Drummer Fred Estby previously weighed in on the topic during a conversation with Arto Lehtinen of Metal Rules last August, addressing the challenge of creating new music given Dismember‘s storied history. He remarked, “It’s not hard at all. So, the thing is, we have a license deal with Nuclear Blast. We have an option to do one or two more albums. Great. We can do it whenever we want, which is even more perfect for us. So we can take our time and we’re going to take our time because we’re not going to release something half-assed.

“We’re going to be very critical about [it], especially since it’s been such a long time since the last album. And I love the Dismember album that I’m not even on that was released in 2008. It’s a great album. If you’re going to release an album now as a reunited band in two thousand and fucking twenty-three, twenty-four, you’re going to have to try to match like ever before. You cannot be shy of that. We’re going to be very critical about it and that’s going to take some time because we don’t live in the same cities like we hang out every day.”

Adding to the anticipation, bassist Richard Cabeza also confirmed the band’s intentions during an interview with RichardMetalFan this May. He stated, “For sure, man. It’s happening. When… I can’t tell you right now. But we have talked about writing new music. We are writing new music individually, but we haven’t started to write music together as a band.

“We have been so busy with playing shows the past couple of years and doing all this other stuff. But I think we’re getting closer and closer. Let’s see what happens next year in 2025. Maybe we’ll actually start putting some songs together. But a hundred percent, a new Dismember album will happen. No doubt, no doubt. But we have very high expectations on ourselves as a band to release a new album.”

With band members scattered across the globe and busy schedules the process may take some time, but let’s cross our fingers that there may be a brutal new chapter for Dismember on the horizon.

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