Cemetery Skyline is a recently formed band, comprised of members of European metal royalty: Mikael Stanne (Dark TranquillityThe Halo EffectGrand Cadaver) on vocals, Markus Vanhala (InsomniumOmnium GatherumI Am The Night Horde) on guitars, Santeri Kallio (Amorphis) on keys, Victor Brandt (Dimmu BorgirWitchery, ex-Entombed, ex-Satyricon) on bass and Vesa Ranta (SentencedThe Abbey) behind the drumkit.

Today we get to listen to another single from their yet-to-be-formally-announced debut album, a gloomy track titled “The Coldest Heart” with strong Tiamat and Type O Negative underpinnings.

Mikael Stanne comments about the lyrics: “This song deals with the endless need for validation and misguided desperation. It is based on some dramatic experiences I had in recent times that ended with incarceration. It spells out its darkness in all its loveless splendour.”

Markus Vanhala further elaborates: “‘The Coldest Heart’ is one of the very first songs written for Cemetery Skyline and it is an obvious tribute to ‘The Green Man’, but in a very gentleman way. It is a heavy hitter for a gloomy summer hit in 2024.”

Cemetery Skyline. A band crawling out from the Scandinavian nightless nights. Formed somewhere in time in 2020, from the idea to create ageless dark music with respect to our generation’s biggest influencers,” previously stated the band.

“This Nordic collaboration was born with the plan to create something that has not been out there before, something different from all the music the band members have ever done. A unique combination of heavy riffs and emotions packed in a dark and deep creative context. You may call it gothic rock, dark rock, or even heavy metal. We just call it Nordic Gothic.”

Cemetery Skyline will debut live at the John Smith Rock Festival in Laukaa, Finland August 18-20, 2024

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