Ghost has surprise-released a new single, a song called “The Future Is A Foreign Land”. The track is part of the soundtrack of the band’s debut movie Rite Here, Rite Now, which debuted in cinemas worldwide yesterday, and is dubbed “a newly uncovered 1969-era Ghost song”.

Penned by the fictional character Papa Nihil, who is also responsible for “writing” other previously released Ghost songs like “Mary On A Cross” and “Kiss The Go-Goat”, “The Future Is A Foreign Land” had never been made available before, and is the only previously unreleased studio track to be included on the movie’s original soundtrack.

Tobias Forge elaborated on the lyrical theme of “The Future Is A Foreign Land” in an interview with NME: “The message is that there’s a great lesson lost if you look at what is going on in the world now and what took us here… If you’re lucky enough to experience this film in the cinema, you’re pretty well off. You’re one of the lucky ones and you should enjoy life, embrace it, and do everything in your power to make life better for you and everyone you know. But remember the cost that it took for mankind in the past 55 years to get here and the sort of shit that we put each other through fighting for what we believe is a better world. It’s meant to make you feel thankful somehow that we can laugh at certain things and be at a fictional rock concert in this world.”

The 18-track original motion picture soundtrack to Rite Here Rite Now will be released on July 26 via Loma Vista Recordings and can be pre-ordered here.

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