Darkest Hour has announced a handful of US tour dates around their upcoming August show with Haste The Day. Check out those dates below and get your tickets right here.

“We’re excited to add some extra dates as we travel to join up with Haste The Day in Indianapolis this August,” said Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum. “We will be playing a full headline set with some handpicked locals (to be announced). When we first started, we were the local band that jumped on every show that came through town.

“Nowadays, it can be difficult for locals to have a chance to get on these types of shows. We are happy to provide some fertile ground in the form of a stage for some of these bands to grow on as well as play some cities we missed on our last tour. Stoked to dig in and headline all night long!”

8/14 Lovedraft’s Mechanicsburg, PA
8/15 Ace Of Cups Columbus, OH
8/16 HiFi Annex Outdoors Indianapolis, IN (w/ Haste The Day)
8/18 Open Chord Knoxville, TN

Alongside the dates comes a fan-generated lyric video for “Mausoleum.” Said Schleibaum of the video: “The video was created by a dedicated and super talented fan who is a subscriber via our official Patreon! We’ve always felt so honored to have such involved and engaged fans. To us, they always feel more like friends, you know, people we could share a meal with, a beer with, a tour with, or even a mosh pit with! Thanks so much to Tony for his hard work on this, we love it, and we love this song!

“Of course, ‘Mausoleum’ stands out on Perpetual | Terminal as well as finds a unique place in our catalog; it’s a very special song for us and we’re happy to showcase it along with its lyrics in this new lyric video.”

Vocalist John Henry added: “This song is special to me because it really allowed me to stretch my role in the band and find new sonic territory. ‘Mausoleum’ came together organically in a way that always lets us know we’ve got something special. Even now, all the years later it’s rewarding to continue to grow and try new things and this song is a perfect example of all those forces working together in perfect harmony.”

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