Mötley Crüe has come under fire plenty of times in recent years for lip synching and miming performances, and to varying degrees of accuracy (and anger). Though if there’s one guy in the band that is absolutely capable of performing everything you’re hearing on stage, it’s new guitarist John 5.

In a new Instagram video, John 5 addressed the accusations and proved that he can play… which is insane that anyone doubted that considering just about every solo single and show John 5 has ever played.

“I wanna clear up some confusion. Somebody on the Internet or some web site is saying, ‘Oh, John’s playing to a backing track. His hand isn’t even on the guitar,'” said John 5. “But I do this a lot. It’s just hammer-ons and pull-offs. But if you’re not a musician, you don’t really understand what’s going on.”

John 5 continued: “I think the part in ‘Wild Side’ that’s on the Internet saying, ‘Oh, look, John‘s hand isn’t even on there.’ I do this thing where I flip the pick around on my neck. Very simple. So, it’s not a big thing. You know, a lot of things are played with one hand. A lot of musicians know this, so, uh, nothing to worry about. No backing tracks. Very simple.”

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