Ozzy Osbourne has sadly cancelled his upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party film festival for the weekend of July 12. According to a statement from Osbourne‘s wife and manager Sharon Osbourne, their son Jack Osbourne will take Ozzy‘s place.

“Regretfully, the Osbourne family have to cancel our upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix because Ozzy is unable to travel at this time. However, Jack will be there flying the flag for the Osbournes. Everybody who bought the Osbourne package will, of course, get full refunds.

“We would like to thank you all for your constant support. It means so much to him, you have no idea. And all I can do is apologize that we won’t be there and I’m apologizing for people we’ve let down from my heart. So God bless you all. Thank you so much.”

Sadly the cancellation isn’t too surprising, given Ozzy‘s current health and his inability to perform live. We wish Ozzy all the best with everything really, truly hope we can at least get that one final Black Sabbath show with Bill Ward behind the kit sometime in the future. Though a proper Ozzy farewell tour would also be awesome.

Ozzy Osbourne forever.

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