Future Metal Injection festival headliners Jinjer have completed work on their upcoming new record! Jinjer took to their Instagram to announce the recording process was completely done, meaning that mixing and mastering should be happening shortly.

On the new record, Jinjer vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk said in an interview with Knotfest’s She’s With The Band that it’ll be old school… like, real old school.

“It’s gonna be different, first of all, because I feel that the music differs a lot. And to my mind, the whole — I won’t say how many songs are there; I guess 12 or even 15; let’s say 13; I don’t remember — but they all have… not all of them, but half of them, at least, they have a similarity in them,” said Shmailyuk. “They’re similar to each other or they remind me. They have this concept within — without any lyrics, they still sound like they belong to one box. They are a set of songs.

“And I already think about all the… I’m not even thinking about like the lyrics — I think about the topics and stuff, but I think about the booklet or the cover or even the music videos and what I’m gonna wear there. And it has a certain flavor to me that… I feel like it has this flavor of 19th century. It’s very romanticism from the 19th century. If you listen to it, you will think, ‘Oh.’ You know, when you listen to Muse, you feel he was inspired by a lot of classical composers — obviously. So our new music has this flavor. And I’m so excited.”

In the meantime, you can check out Jinjer‘s new live in-studio performance for Audiotree below. You can also get your tickets for the upcoming Metal Injection festival featuring Jinjer, God Forbid, 3 Inches Of Blood, and more right here!

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