Ministry is gearing up for what appears to be their swan song, and with a familiar face!

According to a recent post of the band’s socials, Al Jourgensen kept his word and the upcoming record will mark a reunion with multi-instrumentalist Paul Barker – a pivotal figure in Ministry‘s history, who played with the band between 1986 and 2003, performing on everything from The Land Of Rape And Honey to Animositisomina.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Jourgensen hinted at the creative synergy between himself and Barker, describing their collaboration as what ultimately encapsulates the essence of Ministry, some sort of a compelling convergence of musical influences.

“I just heard some of Paul‘s ideas. What Ministry is doing now is kind of like arena rock — it’s just much more simple and guttural — whereas Barker is much more ethereal and it’s more like a Brian Eno-type. So the two styles combined are what makes Ministry ‘Ministry.’ What he played me the other day was just extraordinary.”

Jourgensen also mentioned in the same interview that he hoped to be done by now, but of course COVID screwed up his plans.

“I’m 65 now. I was hoping to retire at 65, but two years of Covid made it so I can’t afford that yet. So I’ll do another couple years, and then that’s it. There’s no point in touring. And touring gets harder as you’re older anyways, and I don’t really want to do the whole casino circuit.

“All I really want to do is film scoring. I get to stay at my house, and I work out of my house. And so I’m just trying to wrap everything up with a nice little bow, exorcise all demons, and put Ministry to bed.”

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