When can we expect Slipknot‘s first new music with drummer Eloy Casagrande? Very soon, according to co-founder and percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan… though the details are unclear.

In a new interview with Revolver, Clown explained in his usual cryptic fashion that Slipknot has new music coming “sooner than you can imagine” and in a way “you can’t imagine.” What does that mean? Who knows! I failed out of Speaking Clown 101 in college and never tried again. That shit was way too hard.

“Well, one thing I can say is this: There’s always going to be new Slipknot music,” said Clown. “But we’ve also said that there is a filter, and we are the filter, and that filter must go through everyone. And when I was telling you that we’re doing a lot better communicating, now apply that to communicating about music.

“I can say that there’s gonna be music sooner than you can imagine, delivered to you in a way you can’t imagine. And I’m excited because we’re not on a label. And there’s a lot of dismay with that, you know what I mean? But there’s also a lot of middle fingers with that. I love it, you know? Come and get us, or we’ll come to get you.”

Clown also touched on the possibility of Slipknot finding a new label home instead of being independent forever. Long story short, they’re gonna stay independent for a little while and the reassess the situation.

“What I can tell you is that we’ve already been motivating around creating music, because of the love of doing it. So you’re gonna get music really soon. And if I can have a loud voice in it, I will make sure that we have at least a good amount of music put out before we do anything with anybody.

“Now, I don’t hate labels. In fact, I’m from the generation of record deals and producers and pre-producing your album and cutting to two-inch tape. So, I have a fantasy with all that; I like it when we can just book our plane tickets and go rock out in the studio.

“If we don’t go with a label, we’re gonna have to do all that ourselves, which might mean hiring some people to help pick up the loose ends, which makes it a business — and I’m not sure we’re interested in opening up another business. But I am interested in understanding what it means to go directly from our brains to your brain with nobody in the way; I’m interested in that potential.”

Slipknot released The End, So Far in 2023, which was their final album on Roadrunner Records. The band also parted ways with drummer of 10 years Jay Weinberg, and turntablist of 26 years Craig “133” Jones, in 2023 as well. Weinberg was replaced by Casagrande and Jones was replaced by a currently-unknown musician.

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