Let’s Prosper and Succeed in All We Do

We often hear about the importance of a solid morning routine, but what about your nighttime routine?

How do you prepare your mind and spirit before you go to sleep?

This isn’t about a ritual; it’s about creating a meaningful habit born of the earnest desire to connect with the Lord at the end of your day.

Joshua writes: Study this book of instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all that you do.  Joshua 1.8 NLT

Take a moment to ask yourself: how do I spend time with God at night?

Do you have your Bible by your bedside? Are you ending your day with the Word of God or the latest TV episode?

Before you sleep, you can feed your mind the report of the Lord or the report of the enemy. 

Let’s listen to the report of the Lord instead of the report of the enemy.

What a powerful idea! This hits hard!

Watching the news before bed will surely give you a summary of all the enemy has been up to in the world.

But why would anyone want to fill her head with negativity before sleep?

Instead, what if you meditated on God’s Word? You could fill your mind with His promises and truths.

Meditating on the Word day and night can transform your thoughts—even while you sleep.

Letting your mind rest on His Word can help you keep your calling clear and your heart aligned with His purpose.

As you wind down tonight, take the opportunity to start a new habit;  read your Bible, pray, or simply sit in His presence.

Let this be the last thing you do before sleep so that you can meditate on His Word day and night. You can claim the promise as your own!

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