Sick Of It All has sadly cancelled their European tour as vocalist Lou Koller has been diagnosed with cancer. Koller broke the news on Instagram with the below video, which has since been transcribed by The PRP.

We wish Koller all the best and hope for a speedy, healthy recovery.

“What’s up everybody, Lou here,” said Koller. “As you may or may know, we had to cancel out full European tour this Summer. There’s some rumors going around as to why, and we’re here to set the record straight. But we wanted to wait ’til we got all the information before making an announcement.

“The reason it is canceled is because they found a tumor in my esophagus that goes into my stomach, and I’ll have to be getting treatment all summer. And of course, full support of the band, as soon as they heard it they were like ‘forget the tour, just get healthy’.

“You know we’re not happy about it, seriously. Like I said they’re all behind me staying home, and us staying home. We really feel sorry. I feel sorry, for the fans. All of our crew was banking on you know — we were all gonna have another fun summer together, all the promoters. But everyone who knows has been very supportive and now everybody knows.

“So that’s the reason. No other reason you heard is the truth. This is the truth. So yea, just thanks for all your support. And hopefully we beat this thing and see you at the end of the summer, or maybe the winter.

“Take care.”

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