Mötley Crüe is back… Slayer is back (kind of)… it’s a good time for reunions! But comebacks shouldn’t be reserved just for the giant bands, we need metal’s brilliant working class heroes to experience the homecoming they deserve.

Consider this a love letter to these defunct bands. We need you back in our lives! Here’s 10 metal bands that NEED to reunite. Please?

Can we all agree this band was under appreciated? It’s been five years since the last Skeletonwitch gig and six years since the fantastic Devouring Radiant Light. The band never technically broke up, but their silence has left a definite void in the melodic black metal space. No rush, boys, but how about a 20th anniversary tour for Beyond the Permafrost

Remember Sybreed? The Swiss band made some of the most interesting industrial metal of the 2000s, Seriously, if you’ve never checked out their 2004 debut Slave Design, give it a spin. It’s like industrial Meshuggah with tasteful goth rock vocals. The band’s music has aged extremely well, and every radio-friendly metal act of the 2020s has taken a little of Sybreed’s style. 

Oh post-metal… we miss thee. Remember how mind-blowing Oceanic was when it came out in 2002? The Boston band definitely helped kick off the Mastodon/Baroness era of sludge metal, bringing an unrivaled mix of progressive influence and hypnosis. Isis never made a disappointing album either, leaving fans with the phenomenal Wavering Radiant in 2009. 

The Sword is definitely one of the best Sabbathian bands of the 21st century. Just an endless oasis of filthy riffs, bluesy grooves and big stoner energy. The Sword broke up in 2022 after nearly 20 years in the game, but we already miss the good ol’ Texas boys. Plus, Warp Riders is one of the most criminally unheralded concept albums in recently memory… and it looks like they’re back for at least one show?

Slipknot fans probably saw this masked band said, “Hey, I should check them out!” Holy shit did they get an unwelcome surprise. The Berzerker probably made 2000’s most extreme album — just endless cybergrind blast beats, serial killer lyrics and samples from the notorious Faces of Death videos. The Berzerker were supposed to be working on a new album, but plans were unfortunately scrapped in late 2023. 

With the current hardcore renaissance in full gear, now’s a great time for a new Early Graves album. The band peaked with the ferocious 2010 album Goner, but suffered the death of singer Makh Daniels that same year. Daniels’ booming voice is damn near irreplaceable, but if the Early Graves guys can find someone else with a bullhorn for vocal cords, they could experience the second act they deserve.

Fuuuuuck this band was great. Georgia was truly a primordial ooze of sludge and stoner genius in the early 2000s, thanks very much to the influence of Kylesa’s Phillip Cope. This band appealed to punks, stoners, heshers and every kind of metalhead who appreciates a giant riff. Kylesa, you are sorely missed.

We see you, Australia. Metalcore from down under is a special breed, with Parkway Drive and I Killed the Prom Queen leading the charge for 20 years. The band has been inactive since 2017, with Parkway Drive growing to become arena headliners in the years since. I Killed the Prom Queen could be right there with them if they reunited… so c’mon boys… how about an Australian Invasion tour for 2025?

What happened to these future occult metal greats? During the rise of Ghost, this fellow Swedish act was bringing back the sweet sounds of ‘70s heavy metal. Their 2013 album Sister kicked ass and got the attention of metalheads worldwide, but In Solitude suddenly just stopped making music. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but this band’s story feels unfinished. 

DEADLY SINNNNERRRRRRRRS! Heavy metal heroes 3 Inches of Blood are technically back together after a long hiatus, but they’ve only booked a handful of shows in the past year. Maybe we’ll finally get a follow-up to the awesome Long Live Heavy Metal? Either way, you can see 3 Inches of Blood rip it up live at the 2024 Metal Injection Festival!

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