Ill Niño was set to release their new single “Beast Inside” on June 21, with a new EP IllMortals Vol 1 to follow on June 28. Neither one of those things happened and fans are a little confused.

Some fans have taken to the comments section of the Ill Niño Instagram account, which has been very active posting about their recent tour with Flaw and A Killer’s Confession. Ill Niño drummer Dave Chavarri also mentioned both EPs (IllMortals Vol 1 and the follow-up IllMortals Vol 2, allegedly out July 26) in a post from July 1, but failed to note why there’s been a delay and when the new EPs are coming out: “Ill Niño is coming in hot with 2 EP releases; IllMortals Volumes 1 & 2, and new video ‘Beast Inside’,” wrote Chavarri.

Art Is War Records also hasn’t addressed the delays despite still having IllMortals Vol 1 up for pre-order on their website. Art Is War Records’ Facebook page only has a post announcing the EP from May 31, but no updates – and as you can imagine, the comments section there is also loaded with confused fans.

It’s also worth noting that upcoming releases generally appear as a part of an artist’s profile when a single drops on Apple Music, which has not yet occurred for Ill Niño. So we can’t even guess at a new release date here using context clues. As of this post going up, neither Ill Niño nor Art Is War Records has issued a statement on the delay or when to expect the new music.

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