Capulet Festival 2024 was nothing short of a disaster.

It all started when the festival switched its venue from the Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT – which has a capacity of 13,000 people – to The Webster in Hartford, CT, which houses a significantly smaller 1,200 people and is over 50 miles away from the original location, the night before things kicked off. At that point, 20 bands had dropped off the festival including Nothing More, Senses Fail, 10 Years, and more.

Then it got worse. Capulet Festival got shut down midway through the band LiveKill‘s set on the second of three proposed days, when security came in and made everyone leave due to festival organizers allegedly not paying the rent.

Among the throngs of displeased people is Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, who has officially launched an investigation into Capulet Entertainment LLC and promoter Esteban Vega.

“Nothing makes me more angry than seeing people in our state getting ripped off,” said Tong. “I’m afraid that’s what happened with the Capulet Music Festival.”

He continued: “What we know is that people were told and promised that they would get a three-day music festival at the Thompson Motor Speedway, that it’ll be an outdoor festival, that there would be food trucks, that there would be band after band, including these headline bands.”

Tong also encouraged Capulet Festival goers to try and get their money back however they can, saying: “People should pursue whatever remedies they have at their disposal. If there’s a way to reach out to their credit card company or their bank, and they feel like their bank or credit card company will help them, they should try.”

Capulet Fest organizers originlly took to social media to issue the following statement obtained by The PRP, as the festival’s Facebook page has been shut down.

“Sunday is no longer an option. We fought. We wrestled with obstacle after obstacle. We became a target. We became hated, even when we were doing our best to save something and give you the best show possible. No one sees the sacrifice. All they do is judge. We did everything we could. We hope you had fun. We did our best. Thank you to everyone who came out and had a blast. We hope you enjoyed the meet and greets. We hope you enjoyed the music. Goodbye.”

Furthermore, the festival’s website only states: “Despite our best efforts and due to unforeseen circumstances, Capulet Fest concluded on Saturday night with a spectacular performance by Skillet.”

Vega has since removed himself from social media in the wake of the backlash.

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