Leading from a place of overflow means that our spirits are so full that we naturally pour out over those around us.

While walking with a friend, I shared how depleted and spiritually dry I felt.  I was “doing all the right things” by spending time with the Lord in the Word, worship, and prayer, but I still struggled to feel refreshed and filled with the spirit.

She asked me this very simple yet profound question, “What fills you back up?”

My initial thoughts were the basics: Reading the Word, worshiping, praying, attending church and prayer meetings.

But she pressed further, asking what else contributed to my filling my cup.

Her persistence made me pause and truly think. I wasn’t exactly sure what my answer was because I had not invested enough effort to determine what filled me back up beyond my standard first answer.

I’ll pose the same question to you: “What fills you back up? How do you fill your spirit up so full that you naturally overflow into those around you?”

In addition to the “basics” I mentioned above, Is it taking walks? Being near water? Working out? Cooking? Gardening? Playing the piano?

Consider what activities make you feel spiritually rejuvenated.

Examine what helps you feel physically, emotionally, and, most importantly, spiritually rested.

This journey is personal. No one can tell you what works for you. You have the opportunity to “figure it out” by thinking about past experiences or trying new things.

Self-reflection and growth often feel like challenging work, and so sometimes, it is easier just to avoid it.

However, true growth happens when we look upward AND inward.

It might seem a little like self-absorption, but a healthy, energized, and fully surrendered self is the best gift we can offer others.

For your spirit to consistently overflow throughout your life, you must make deliberate choices and put in an ongoing effort. That’s the only way to stay at your best and be ready to lead.  Can you commit to that?

You’ll be glad you did.  

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