Hey look, Converge is in the studio! That or Converge drummer Ben Koller and guitarist Kurt Ballou are busting out the most convincing “Yakety Sax” cover you’ve ever heard in your life – probably the studio thing, though.

According to Converge drummer Ben Koller in a handful of tweets from earlier this year, the band’s upcoming new material could very well be their best (and possibly most diverse) yet.

“There is A LOT of new Converge material. I feel like I’m at Old Country metalcore Buffet and all the foods are RIFFS,” wrote Koller. “It’s all over the place. We have crowdkilling, Fugazi, Mars Volta, Entombed, mathcore madness, slow Nate riffs where I play too fast, shitty riffs, emo riffs…This could be our best album yet no joke. We should proably ditch the shitty riffs though”

Koller continued in a separate response to a fan who asked how it stacks up to No Heroes: “Hard to say what the finished product will be but I will say that this feels like the most evolved, natural and fully realized bunch of material we have ever written. It’s tough to try and compare it to other albums. No Heroes feels like another lifetime at this point.”

And who knows – maybe you’ll hear some of the new stuff at the upcoming Metal Injection Festival?

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