Not sure what to play during your Fourth Of July festivities? I got you. These Sunn O))) are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face as they sing along between grabbing burgers and beers! And before anyone gets irritated that I’m “poking fun” at Sunn O))) or something, I’m not. I love this band.


What better way to let everyone know the party has started than with the aural wrecking ball that is the first few seconds of “Aghartha”? And if that doesn’t get ’em moving, Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar‘s spoken word surely will.

“Veils It White”

“Veils It White” sounds like it’s haunted by the ghosts of guitars from beyond and the voices of the damned… which only get more intense over time. Did anyone have the guacamole? It’s really good, dude.

“My Wall”

Hope everyone at your party likes Julian Cope for twelve minutes following by an oppressive, sizzling amount of low end. Because that’s what they’re getting here.

“Báthory Erzsébet”

“Hey man, what is this? What are those vocals?” your guests might ask. Just explain that it’s Xasthur vocalist Scott Conner – sufferer of claustrophobia – locked in a coffin. They’ll get it.


Oh my god, FINE. We’ll play a slow one that everyone and their significant others can dance to. Buncha complainers.

“Blood Swamp”

Sorry, did you think “The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)” was gonna be on here? Wrong party, motherfucker. Enjoy the increasingly more horrifying soundscapes of “Blood Swamp” and have yourself a burger.


I really wish those fireworks would end soon. This is my favorite song and everyone’s gonna miss it.


Every party needs one final song, and why not “Helio)))Sophist”? You’re done cooking, everyone’s a few drinks deep, and you’ve got a 46 minute collage of Sunn O))) European performances cranking. The perfect holiday.

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