got pulled down in late June, taking roughly 20 years of content and news items with it. MTV News was shut down in May 2023 by its parent company Paramount Global, meaning both its web presence and on-air programming met the media scythe so many of us have come across over the years.

Everyone across the Internet was pretty bummed about the loss of music history, but there are two bits of good news now! One, the Internet Archive has published a searchable list of old MTV News articles on their Wayback Machine website; and Two, Paramount is apparently looking at ways to archive all content.

“As part of broader website changes across Paramount, we have introduced more streamlined versions of our sites. As a result, all MTV News content is being preserved in an archive,” said a Paramount spokesperson.

So music history is I guess just temporarily displaced. Hopefully Paramount sees the importance of having all the old MTV News pieces still online and makes their archive public.

MTV News started off in the late ’80s with Kurt Loder and The Week In Rock. MTV News expanded into political coverage in 1992 with their “Choose or Lose” segment, and had a pretty strong digital presence throughout the 2000s. MTV News suffered a major blow in 2017 when there was a pivot to video (a sentence you never, ever want to hear as an employee), which saw most of the editorial staff laid off.

MTV News shut down after 36 years on the air in May 2023, taking their website down with ’em.

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