Cradle Of Filth‘s latest studio album Existence Is Futile arrived in October of 2021, and it continued the band’s signature blend of extreme metal, gothic, and symphonic elements. Now, 2021 might seem eons ago, but according to frontman Dani Filth, we won’t have to wait much longer to crank up its follow-up. Speaking to Hayley Leggs of TotalRock, Filth shared some details about the upcoming release, which he said is “finished”.

It seems we can expect a new single to hit the airwaves in early October, coinciding with the band’s European tour. As for the full album, Filth hinted at a possible late February release, though he admitted the exact date remains uncertain: “The new single will come out at the beginning of October prior to our European tour… So, yeah, a new single before the album that’s coming out — I’m going to say the end of February, but I’d be lying. ‘Cause I’ve got no idea. But it’s around that time.”

The band has been hard at work on this project since July of last year, balancing recording sessions with a hectic touring schedule. When questioned about the album’s musical direction last May, in an interview with Australia’s Heavy, Filth was careful not to give too much away. However, he did offer some intriguing insights.

“It’s a step on from the last record. Same production values, and the same producer, although we always approach it from a different way, so it does sound a lot different. I can’t go too much into it because no matter what I say, it’s not really gonna justify or do justice to the tracks on there,” Filth explained.

He went on to describe the album as aggressive, catchy, and featuring elements reminiscent of their classic Dusk… And Her Embrace sound: “It’s very hard to explain. It’s got elements of Dusk… And Her Embrace vibe-wise. Vocally, it’s a bit of everything. It’s an aggressive record. It’s a very catchy record. Yeah, it’s just something that’s gonna really please our fans. We’ve worked very hard on it. And the last record was received really well, Existence Is Futile. It’s an advancement from that. But it’s not because I’m being told, ‘Keep it calm. You can’t talk about the record yet.’ It’s very difficult to talk about something that’s got so much in it.”

Filth also mentioned their collaboration with pop superstar Ed Sheeran, a known Cradle Of Filth fan. This unexpected pairing will probably be featured on a special edition of the new album: “We’ve already done our collaborative track with Ed Sheeran, although that’ll be probably coming out on the special edition of the new album, but I can’t really talk much more about that, all legalities and what have you.”

Coincidentally, Cradle Of Filth guitarist Federoff recently mentioned the Dusk And Her Embrace and Midian vibes of the new album in an Instagram post: “Tired AF, but feeling solid after day one in the studio for the new Cradle Of Filth album. I completely agree with Dani‘s take on this being a very Dusk/Midian vibe this go around. These new songs are so fresh, exciting, dynamic, and immersive- I can’t say any more except prepare to be blown clean away by a straight-up set of bangers. Bloody hell, as they say on this side of the pond.”

Cradle Of Filths first live album in more than 20 years, Trouble And Their Double Lives arrived last year, via Napalm Records, and it included two entirely new songs, “She Is A Fire” and “Demon Prince Regent”.

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