When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Is it an image distorted by criticism, rejection, disapproval, and pain? Or do you see yourself as God sees you? If you struggle with feeling worthless, these Keys for Living are able to help you uncover the underlying causes of low self-worth. Learn how to break free from false perceptions and hurtful influences with biblical truth. Find steps to self-acceptance and correct negative self-talk. Discover the life-changing identity you have in Christ and see yourself through God’s eyes—as His precious child of immeasurable worth.

Do you look to yourself or others in order to grasp your value? If you look anywhere other than to God—the God who created you with a purpose and a plan—your view of your own value is in grave danger of being distorted. Before you were ever born, God established your real worth by creating you! Even you were worth God’s creating you and more so: God chose you! 

Where Do You Find Your Worth?

There are many reasons why people fail to see themselves as having value or having worth to God, to themselves, or to others. Generally, negative perceptions develop in people as a result of being treated in ways that cause them to feel devalued by the significant people in their lives. Unless these perceptions are changed, we can feel increasingly devalued. 

Negative perceptions that begin in childhood are difficult to replace with positive perceptions in adulthood. The best time to examine and evaluate our own worth is before self-perceptions become strong and solidified.

In many cases, the more we’re rejected, the more we rejected ourselves, and the more we reject those around us. Our greatest need is to have someone accept us and value us as an individual, special person. Someone who can heal our emotional wounds and cause us to see our God-given significance. This Someone is the true Healer of the brokenhearted. This Someone is the Lord Himself.

Determining Self-Worth

  • Worth signifies the value, merit, or significance of a person or thing.
  • Self-worth is the belief that your life has value and significance.
  • Worth is a translation of the Greek word axios, which means “of weight and worth.” In biblical times, gold and other precious metals were placed on a balancing scale where their worth was determined by their weight, leading to the expression …

“… worth their weight in gold.…” (Lamentations 4:2)

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