Cannibal Corpse‘s discography is nothing short of legendary. So we had one question for you over the weekend – what’s the best Cannibal Corpse record?

It’s a tough one too, considering there are a few killer eras of Cannibal Corpse – from vocalists Chris Barnes and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, to everything guitarists Jack Owen and Pat O’Brien took part in, up to the modern times with Erik Rutan. This is how y’all voted and yes, there was a pretty clear cut winner.

Chaos Horrific (28 votes)

Gore Obsessed (29 votes)

Red Before Black (38 votes)

A Skeletal Domain (58 votes)

Violence Unimagined (66 votes)

Eaten Back To Life (86 votes)

Gallery Of Suicide (89 votes)

The Wretched Spawn (109 votes)

Vile (116 votes)

Torture (118 votes)

Evisceration Plague (134 votes)

Bloodthirst (135 votes)

Butchered At Birth (176 votes)

Kill (354 votes)

Tomb Of The Mutilated (377 votes)

The Bleeding (600 votes)

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