It’s always fun to scroll through Discogs’ Most Valuable Items Sold list every month because you’re almost guaranteed to see something metal or metal adjacent having been sold for a ton of money… and May 2024 was no different.

Clocking in at No. 7 on the list is Deftones‘ 1992 demo which sold for a cool $5,000. Which is especially insane considering the 1992 demo only sold once before in 2016 for $360 – that one was “Very Good Plus” condition, while the $5,000 one is “Very Good.” Collecting is expensive, kids!

Then at No. 14 is once again Ghost frontman Tobias Forge‘s unreleased 2008 solo album Passiflora, which sold for $3,804. If you’re also looking to own that one as well, there’s currently one more on sale for the low price of €3,500! So get on that if you’ve got the equivalent of a down payment on a new car sitting around. Passiflora was only burnt to a CDr (complete with the name and artist name written in marker), and was also sold for an astounding $5,434 back in March.

Check out the full list here. Oh, and coming in at No. 1 is Led Zeppelin‘s 2006 box set featuring all their studio albums pressed to single-sided 200-gram vinyl. The set sold for $11,413, which isn’t even the lowest it’s ever gone for – the box set once sold for a cool $25,000 in July 2020.

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