After two singles from earlier this year, Escuela Grind is now streaming “Turbulence” alongside the announcement of their new record Dreams On Algorithms due out October 18. Dreams On Algorithms was recorded at GodCity studio with producer Kurt Ballou and mastered by Nick Townsend (Dr. Dre, Betty Davis).

As for the new single, you better be prepared for some clean vocals. Which are largely fine – the vocals don’t not work in the context of the song, but there never quite feels like there’s a payoff with them either. They’re just there. Which sucks for a band like Escuela Grind, who generally seem to know where the hook in a song is and how to really drive it home.

“It will be immediately obvious when you first hear this song that it is a departure for us,” said Escuela Grind vocalist Katerina Economou. “We wanted to take a risk with ‘Turbulence’, and after performing so many live shows over the last year we were ready to compile all that influence.

“The clean singing may take some people off-guard coming from a grind/hardcore band, but after touring with Napalm Death, we realized we wanted to incorporate that aspect into our music in a similar way. We definitely wanted a grungy, catchy chorus to sing at all of our upcoming festival appearances, and I hope the fans like the song as much as we do.”

Pre-orders for Dreams On Algorithms are available here.

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