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Not familiar with Just Ingredients? These all-natural products are made with real ingredients and are free from artificial additives and added sugars, and still taste great!

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hand holding single packets of electrolytes with bag behind it

These Just Ingredients packets are the perfect way to keep hydrated this summer. These all-natural fruit powders contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients providing a guilt-free and delicious way to replenish your electrolytes.

Plus, they are easy to use simply stir or shake one packet into 14oz of water and your hydrating drink is ready.

woman holding two protein powder bags

These 100% grass-fed non-denatured whey protein powders aid in muscle building and recovery, help with weight management, boost your immune system, support metabolism, and are keto-friendly.

Plus, they are gut-friendly as they are casein-free allowing for easier digestion, and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, dyes, refined sugars, or soy, and are gluten-free!

just ingredients protein powder and electrolytes bags on table

Here’s what our very own Hip Sidekick Lina has to say about Just Ingredients…

“Love these electrolyte packets! The taste is delicious and I love that it’s just 20 calories with clean ingredients.

The protein powders are both great tasting too! The strawberry is our favorite. I made a protein blended coffee with the vanilla one and it’s yummy! Looking forward to making protein ice cream in my Ninja Creami!” – Hip Sidekick, Lina

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