Pop star JoJo Siwa had a pretty short-lived merch line behind her upcoming EP Guilty Pleasure that seems to have heavily ripped off Tool.

Screenshots of Siwa‘s construction-themed merch have been floating around Reddit and Twitter, with pretty much everyone agreeing that she plagiarized Tool‘s infamous penis wrench logo. The similarities are a little too much to be ignored – first of all, it looks like a dick. It cannot be overstated that Siwa‘s design is exactly as phallic as Tool‘s, and in the same way. Then there’s the fact that the four letters go down the shaft just as Tool‘s do.

The real question here, much like that one rapper that straight up stole Eddie from Iron Maiden, is why Siwa (or someone on her team) would’ve chosen to steal from one of the biggest metal acts on the planet. I mean really, Tool was big enough to unseat Taylor Swift from the charts when they released Fear Inoculum. The dudes have a MASSIVE following and it’s impossible that this would’ve gone unnoticed.

Anyway, it’s been a weird day between this and Kelce brothers apparently being Sanguisugabogg fans.

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