Negative Conscious Language – What Is the Language of Loneliness?

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength”  Philippians 4:13

By continuously using language like the statements below, you can actually create your own world of isolation, receiving the exact opposite response than you want. These self-defeating “I” statements focus selfishly on self-protection. They are wall building instead of bridge building, keeping you stuck in a state of loneliness.

Does any of the following statements that apply to you. 

  • “I feel all alone.” 

  • “I don’t believe anyone understands the way I feel.” 

  • “I don’t really matter to anyone.” 

  • “I don’t have any good qualities that draw people to me.” 

  • “I don’t have anything to offer to a relationship.” 

  • “I can’t seem to connect with other people.” 

  • “I will never find anyone to love me.” 

  • “I don’t feel like I fit in with anyone.” 

  • “I’m tired of trying to make people like me. I always fail.”

  • “I’m empty on the inside.”

  • “I’m always on the outside.”

  • “I’m too messed up for anyone to like me or want to be around me.”

  • “I’m just a born loser.”

  • “I feel like I’ve been deserted.”

  • “I don’t deserve to be loved or to have friends.”

  • “I think I’m the only one who feels like this.”

“My relatives have gone away; my closest friends have forgotten me.” 

(Job 19:14)


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