Earthburner was originally created in 2002 by guitarist Jeremy Wagner when Broken Hope went on hiatus. After one three-song EP in 2011 that largely flew under the radar, Earthburner is back as Wagner, vocalist Devin Swank (Sanguisugabogg), drummer Mike Miczek (Broken Hope), bassist Tyler Affinito, and honorary backup vocalist Mitch Harris (guitarist for Napalm Death).

Earthburner is now streaming the title track of their debut full-length album Permanent Dawn, due out November 8.The single comes alongside a visualizer created by Andrea Mantelli and music that’ll take the skin right off your face. Though I’m not sure what else anyone would’ve expected given the combination of Broken Hope dudes and Swank behind the mic – it’s a recipe for some seriously vile jams.

“Happy Wednesday everyone! For your listening pleasure today, Earthburner gives you, Permanent Dawn, the title track from our debut album—coming out on November 8th via M-Theory Audio,” said Wagner. “Also for your viewing pleasure, we have with a sick, 3D-animated-visualizer video for ‘Permanent Dawn’ to light up your eyeballs along with your ears. Turn this song up to 11 in every way and grind on!”

Swank added: “Clock in early for a break if you’re at work, pull your car over, cut the stream, get off the toilet and get to listening to this shit!!! And bang your motherfucking head to some new Earthburner!!!”

Permanent Dawn was recorded at Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, FL, produced by Tommy McWilliams (Elegant Weapons) and Wagner, mixed by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope, Putrid Pile, Waco Jesus, etc.), and mastered by Mike Fuller (Obituary, Death, Broken Hope, Judas Priest, etc.) of Fullersound in Davie, FL for its digital version and Creekmore for the analog version.

Pre-orders for Permanent Dawn are available here.

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