A song entitled “Dogs Of War” was the latest musical effort to arrive from the Mötley Crüe camp, and their first material with John 5 as a replacement for the band’s lifelong guitarist Mick Mars. And if we are to believe Nikki Sixx most recent statements, Mötley Crüe has no intention of returning to the studio anytime soon.

In a recent chat with Riff X‘s “Metal XS,” Sixx discussed the band’s upcoming plans and the likelihood of recording new music. He shared (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “We’re just playing festivals, and that takes us into October. We don’t have any plans for next year yet. I know there’s some conversations about stuff. I mean, we have a few singles already recorded, so I don’t see us recording any new music right now… We’re not gonna be around. I live in Wyoming and Vince lives in Tennessee, two guys in California, so I don’t… I don’t actually see a reason right now to go in the studio, ’cause we’ve got two more singles recorded and ready to release. And I always wanna be sure that if we go in the studio, we have a reason or we have something we’re really inspired by, but it’s a lot of scheduling, and we tour and we have families. For me specifically, I have a five-year-old daughter, and I really wanna be with her as much as possible. So when the time came to go do these demos of these three songs and then go in the studio with producer Bob Rock, it was like a perfect time. And that time will happen again, but there’s no rush.”

When asked about a potential return to Europe, Nikki mentioned, “We’re in ’24, and we don’t really know what ’25 looks like, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something fun to do and make sure that we’re there for the fans. I mean, we just did Europe, so I don’t see going back there for a second. But we love it over there. We had such a great time in Europe this last time. We got to spend two months over there, which is a long time. But what was nice about that is once we got over there, we got un-jetlagged and the schedule wasn’t so tight. And I had my family with me. I was able to be with the band and play concerts, but also experienced Europe, all over Europe. So that was a really good time.”

Reflecting on the band’s current pace, Sixx added, “I’m enjoying this pace of working. I really enjoy it. I don’t feel burnt out. In the past, artists, we get burnt out, ’cause, you, you tour so much. And I’m really enjoying where we’re at. We make music when we feel it. We do shows when we feel it.”

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