Finnish melodic death metal band Before The Dawn is now streaming their new single “Archaic Flame” off a digital-only EP of the same name, due out March 8. The EP features two new songs – “Archaic Flame” and “Chaos Sequence” – alongside a cover of Bryan Adams’ “Run To You” and a live version of “Dying Sun”.

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“Already before the massive 34-gig Fin/Euro tour, we started to have new ideas piling up,” said Before The Dawn of the single. “Once we got back home, we did not want to wait until we could start working on the next album and decided to record an EP to keep the band in motion after the most successful year in its history. ‘Archaic Flame’ is the title track of the EP and is a musical embodiment of the spark inside the band that grew into a firestorm.”

On the EP itself, Before The Dawn offered: “Activating the band after a decade of slumber that was meant to last forever, there were a lot of question marks in the air. But after each uncertain event was forged into a victory, we are able to look back to 2023 and admit that it became the most successful year in the whole history of the band.

“Extensive and triumphant Fin and Euro tours showed us that our fans had not forgotten us, and once things were back in motion, we did not want to push breaks and headed back to the studio to record an instant follow-up to Stormbringers in the form of an EP titled Archaic Flame.”

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