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Simulakra is here to utterly fucking decimate your weekend thanks to their new single “Heathen’s Prayer”. The single is from Simulakra‘s upcoming EP Reincarnation due out March 15, and will thoroughly beat your ass into the ground.

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“On The Infection Spreads, I was dealing with a lot of severe health issues,” said vocalist Dom Pabon. “I wrote about my experience being sick for so long and I used it as a diary essentially to get out how I felt about myself and how I viewed the world. This time around, I had time to fully flesh out tracks, being able to write different themes for each song, and lyrics in a style to have them more open to interpretation.

“After I was done writing everything, I noticed an overarching tone of spirituality so I definitely wanted to add that in the artwork as well. The title Reincarnation encapsulates this entire EP perfectly, as though I feel like this EP is a reincarnation of the band. It’s us but at our purest, best form.”

Catch Simulakra at one of the dates below and get wrecked.

2/10 – Worcester, MA @ Palladium (Upstairs) (w/ Incendiary & Scarab)
2/17 – Queens, NY w/ (w/ Minforce, Incendiary, Scarab & more)
3/21 – Lousville, KY @ Portal – DAZE LDBBB Preshow

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