Coffin Storm is the new band featuring vocalist Fenriz (Darkthrone) alongside Apollyon (Aura Noir, Lamented Souls) and Bestial Tormentor (Infernö, Lamented Souls), though it’s not quite black metal. Instead, the trio are taking on some serious straightforward doom on their debut single “Over Frozen Moors”.

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“Kolbotn is a hilly forest-y place directly south of Oslo, Norway,” said Fenriz. “When Ole Jørgen and Olav and me grew up there in the 80s we had easy access to all the metal in the massive amounts of record stores in Oslo. Olav and Ole Jørgen started playing doom metal together in the 90s (Lamented Souls) but in 2020 they teamed up again and making riffs in the slow thrash/doom/classic heavy metal style. When the songs started to take form, Ole Jørgen took his place on the drum throne and soon started to record them. Wanting it to be a 100% Kolbotn project, they asked if I wanted to lay down vocals for it and after a couple of sessions in 2021 and 2022 Coffin Storm was born.”

Apollyon added: “Me and Bestial Tormentor have been playing together since we met in college in 1990 and formed the doom metal act Lamented Souls. However with most members being busy with other bands LS kind of faded away. Our last rehearsal was around 2007.

“After I had stopped playing live with Aura Noir we decided to meet up weekly and play guitar together. It was not going to be Lamented Souls and we had no serious plans of any kind. – but as songs were starting to emerge I switched to drums and we made recordings that Bestial Tormentor played to Fenriz, who apparently approved! I would never have dared to ask him to do the vocals! I was considering doing them myself but he was secretly our first choice.

“Fortunately Bestial Tormentor popped the question and he said yes, so we recorded 3 songs with an extra pair of drum mics (4 in total) in the rehearsal place. Added bass and guitar in my house and went to Fenriz‘ to record the vocals. Then we had two more sessions before the album was finished.

“Initially I was assuming the music would be doom metal. I think all of us had Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in mind but even if our songs are slow/mid tempo, the riffs ended up being more thrashy than I had expected. Only the title track is pure doom simply because it’s a song me and Bestial Tormentor made some 20 years ago that we were über eager to hear Fenriz‘ ravishing vocal lines on.”

Coffin Storm‘s debut album Arcana Rising is out on March 29 on CD, limited orange vinyl, and black vinyl with pre-orders available here.

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