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Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel are hard at work on their next studio album, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Humanicide released in 2019. In a recent interview with El Planeta Del Rock, vocalist Mark Osegueda shared exciting updates on the band’s songwriting process.

“It’s going great. And we’re excited about it,” said Osegueda. “That’s where Death Angel is right now, writing the new record… I think I was at Rob Cavestany‘s house on Thursday and I laid down vocals to a demo of a new Death Angel song. And there’s more songs I’ve gotta start writing the lyrics and melodies for, ’cause him and Will are in the studio and Rob has been tracking Will‘s drums on these songs for demos and now it’s time for me to catch up and write more lyrics and melodies. It’s happening.”

He continued: “And the only thing that’s gonna slow it down — and I don’t mind; we’re all excited about it — starting next week, we’ll switch the gears into rehearsing for the Latin American Humanicide tour. So we’ll be rehearsing for the Latin American Humanicide tour, go on that tour, which we’re not trying to rush, then we’ll come back, take a moment to breathe, and then it’s right back into writing. That’ll be the main focus after that,” Osegueda added.

However, fans eager for a quick single might have to wait a bit longer. When asked about the likelihood of an opening salvo coming in 2024, Osegueda said: “I don’t know. We’re more of an album band. ‘Cause we wanna write a whole bunch of music and cherry pick the best songs that we think will make a solid, solid, vicious record, especially after — it being the follow-up to Humanicide and being that it’s already been, we’re going on five years since the last studio album. So I think we wanna get the best product possible.”

Guitarist Rob Cavestany echoed a similar sentiment in a separate interview with Elevar: “I don’t like divulging the ‘play by play’; I’d rather news came out when there is substantial information to speak of. That being said, I can tell you there are around seven songs we are currently working on and I’m currently getting deep into the writing zone, which is my happy place. If we can manage to stop saying yes to every tour offer (we love to tour), then maybe we can finally get this new album done. The plan is to record it this year.”

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