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Shadows Fall played The War Within last night in full (plus some assorted hits and deep cuts) at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, and you can check out fan-filmed footage of the entire performance above.

One very cool highlight was the addition of “Fleshold” featuring Corey Pierce of God Forbid on drums. Check it out above and go see Shadows Fall whenever you can – dudes cool.

1:42 “Thoughts Without Words”
5:57 “Destroyer of Senses”
8:46 “Of One Blood”
14:22 “The Light That Blinds”
18:38 “Act of Contrition”
22:09 “Stillness”
27:44 “What Drives the Weak”
31:58 “Enlightened by the Cold”
35:00 “Inspiration on Demand”
38:34 “The Power of I and I”
42:59 “Ghosts of Past Failures”
46:55 “Eternity Is Within”
51:37 “Those Who Cannot Speak”
57:57 “Fleshold” (ft. Corey Pierce of God Forbid on drums)
1:02:45 “Fire From the Sky”
1:07:08 “King of Nothing”
1:12:44 “Redemption”

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