Y&R’s Danny & Cricket are even boring in bed. Wasn’t Danny supposed to be leaving on tour with The Bug? Now that Phyllis has “pulled the plug,” Attorney Christine will have some self-serving work to do…

Phyllis Pulls the Plug on Pathetic Love Making on Y&R

How is it possible that Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) & Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell) are as boring in bed as they are out of it?

The only thing or person to improve this situation is Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford)…

Y&R's Danny & Cricket in bed, Phyllis pulls the plug at the GCAC

In Phyllis’s defense, she is staying/living at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Danny has been living with his son Daniel Romalotti (Daniel Graziadei)… both Cricket & Phyllis have stopped by to see Danny on several occasions.

Young & the Restless fans assumed Cricket was also staying at the GCAC. However, it never crossed a Y&R fan’s mind that Christine Blair would show up to breakfast with Danny at the GCAC with an attempt at sexy black lingerie.

Christine Stays in GC, Phyllis Kisses Probation Goodbye

Damn it, Phyllis… You’re on freaking probation & your least favorite bug will do anything in her power to put you back in the clink. Now that you’ve pulled a fire alarm at the GCAC during Y&R’s Danny & Cricket’s boring lovemaking, she’ll have to stay in town.

It’s quite possible that Christine loves Danny about as much as Phyllis loves Danny… Out of boredom.

So, even though Cricket has persuaded Danny to take her on tour first class, she’s probably not leaving Genoa City. Phyllis just pulled a fire alarm in the heart of GC. That pretty much blows her probation & forces a review of how many hours of community service she hasn’t put in…

Is it possible that Miss Phyllis gets out of this somehow? She is a hotel guest. Perhaps her breakfast drinks were spiked by another guest & she “accidently” pulled the fire alarm?

Y&R’s Cricket Doesn’t Leave GC, Fans Blame Phyllis

Young & the Restless fans were SO close to being bug-free…

After a boring roll in the sack, Y&R’s Danny & Cricket were about to leave Genoa City. Now even the most loyal ‘Team Phyllis’ fans are frustrated.

Y&R fans, let’s not blame Phyllis Summers. Let’s blame Young & the Restless Head Writer Josh Griffith. Michelle Stafford is absolutely knocking it out of the park with what is written for her… As are Melody Thomas Scott & Ashley Abbott within their own storylines on Y&R.

Here’s to hoping that Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) doesn’t get kicked back to Savannah by Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) before she can defend Phyllis against The Bug yet again…

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