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Exodus is now streaming “Fabulous Disaster” alongside the announcement of their upcoming live record British Disaster: The Battle Of ’89 (Live At The Astoria). The album was recorded live at The Astoria in London back in March of 1989, and will be out in full come May 31.

“Sometimes something truly awesome drops right in your lap,” said Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. “In the case of Exodus, it was full multitrack tape reels from our headlining show in London while on tour for Fabulous Disaster! So we thought, ‘let’s listen and see what we have’ and BAM! We were on FIRE! Pure over the top thrash, one hundred percent live, and as dangerous as ever! We are fucking stoked to be able to release this for our fans. Total mayhem!”

Pre-order for British Disaster: The Battle Of ’89 (Live At The Astoria) are available here.

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