Good news! Jerry Cantrell‘s original Blue Dress G&L guitar, originally reported as stolen, was actually just misplaced.

Cantrell posted a video to his social media saying that the guitar was “misplaced over the weekend during transit between photo shoots and the studio,” while also revealing he’s working on a new record. Whether that’s a Cantrell record or an Alice In Chains record, or something else is yet to be announced.

“We found the damn thing. There it is,” said Cantrell. “God, what a relief. It was misplaced over the weekend during transit between photo shoots and the studio. I’m working on a record right now, and I really thought this thing had gone missing. So, thankfully it was just misplaced.

“It’s so amazing to me, everybody’s outreach and support and a willingness to get the word out. I’ve been through a stolen guitar thing before with an EVH and it took me 18 years to get it back. So many of my brothers like Zakk [Wylde] and [Tom] Morello and [Billy] Corgan and et cetera have similar stories, and I was worried to death that this thing was gone over the weekend.

“So, I think the headline here is how important this guitar is not only to me, but to everybody else. And it just makes me feel fucking very fucking special to have so many great people in my life and so many people care. So happy to cry wolf. It was misplaced. I hope you understand my concern. The thing is okay. There it is. And we will be rocking together very shortly for you. And, thanks again. Bye.”

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