Jerry Cantrell‘s classic Blue Dress G&L guitar was sadly stolen sometime last weekend in either Los Angeles or the city of Highland in San Bernardino County. Cantrell – of Alice In Chains and solo career fame – and his team are asking anyone with information to reach out to [email protected]. Information and photos can be found below.

“MISSING GUITAR: Unfortunately over this past weekend we believe Jerry Cantrell‘s original Blue Dress G&L guitar was stolen from his car in either LA or San Bernardino/Highland. It is pictured here and was encased in a black G&L gig bag. The serial number is G016467. If you have seen the guitar or have any information regarding its whereabouts, please contact [email protected] immediately. We’re offering a reward to anyone who can help us locate the guitar. We sincerely appreciate your help.”

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez added in his own post: “Someone stole Jerry’s Original G&L Blue Dress guitar. Either in Highland/San Bernardino or in Hollywood. If ANY one gets that guitar back to us, we will make it worth your while. No questions asked. We just need it to come back home where she belongs.”

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