Gruesome – the band featuring vocalist and guitarist Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Left To Die, etc.), guitarist Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed), bassist Robin Mazen (Castrator, Derkéta), and drummer Gus Ríos (Left To Die, Living Monstrosity) – is now streaming their first new single in four years, “Frailty”.

While the single doesn’t explicitly herald a new album coming soon, Gruesome states they’re hitting the studio this summer to get it done… and they’ll be paying tribute to Death‘s Chuck Schuldiner and Cynic drummer Sean Reinert in the process.

Gruesome frontman Matt Harvey comments: “We’re all very psyched to get Gruesome going full force once more this summer – between the single, the European tour with Sabbat and, most importantly, undertaking work on the next record, we’ll be getting into some exciting territory and I hope people are psyched to go with us!”

Gruesome drummer Gus Rios added on both the single and the upcoming album: “Finding the words to describe the immense series of emotions that have already gone into this album’s process is proving to be similarly as difficult as the process itself. The seemingly impossible task of having to emulate not only one the most skilled, cherished and influential drummers of all time, but also the closest friend I’ve ever had is a challenge that legitimately has taken years to even attempt.

“Not only is the material extremely challenging to play, but I also feel deep sadness every single time I sit down to work on it. That said, I feel like I owe it to my brother Sean, my band and the death metal community to give this album 110%. I had called Sean in November of 2019 telling him how terrified I was of this album and I truly needed his guidance. In true bro fashion his response to me was ‘dude, what do you need ME for? You’re the one who’s been in these trenches for years now, not me. Just be yourself, you’ve got this’. And though ultimately our plan was for me to go and stay with him for a few days and work on this material together at his studio, life’s cruelty had other plans.

Sean‘s family lost a son and brother, the world lost a beacon of inspiration, and I lost a best friend. One global pandemic and several years later here we finally are and Gruesome is making what I consider to be not only the album of our career but also my personal greatest test of skill, resilience and will. I am NOT the drummer that Sean was, but he was my mentor, teacher and brother and I will do my very best to honor that.”

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