Ghost isn’t the only Swedish band that’s hitting theaters this year! Sabaton has announced The Tour To End All Tours concert film for October 11, with tickets going on sale come August 26.

The Tour To End All Tours film was recorded at the sold-out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam during a 2023 show, and comes complete with all the pyrotechnics and theatrics one might expect from a Sabaton show.

“In 2023, we embarked on our biggest tour ever, and in Europe alone, we covered over 50,000 kilometres with a dedicated team of 170 amazing people, 9 buses, 12 trucks, and even a tank!” said Sabaton‘s Pär Sundström. “The Tour To End All Tours was an unforgettable journey for each of us – unique, thrilling, and deeply eye-opening. We wanted to share this extraordinary experience with everyone, especially those who couldn’t attend our live shows for whatever reason.”

“Coming from humble beginnings, performing at the sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam was a surreal and monumental achievement for us. We hope you enjoy the Sabaton experience and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed! October 11th. Mark that date on your calendar.”

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