This week’s top singles at Metal Injection include the return of Nile (and their occasionally insanely long song titles), Leprous coming back with a wonky one, another crusher from Entheos, a re-recorded Sepultura track from the Cavalera brothers, and more!

Check out the playlist on Spotify here and on Apple Music here. This week’s new additions include:

  1. “Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes” – Nile
  2. “Atonement” – Leprous
  3. “Life In Slow Motion” – Entheos
  4. “From The Past Comes Storms” – Cavalera
  5. “One Foot In The Grave” – Kittie
  6. “Forgive Us” – Ulver feat. Nils Petter Molvær
  7. “Passing Through The Hourglass” – Kaonashi
  8. “BlüdGod” – Crystal Lake feat. Left To Suffer‘s Taylor Barber
  9. “Vomit Soaked Death Dream” – Vomit Forth
  10. “Ride The Flatline” – 200 Stab Wounds feat. Code Orange‘s Jami Morgan
  11. “Frailty” – Gruesome
  12. “Menschenmühle” – Kanonenfieber
  13. “Barbarian” – Narcotic Wasteland

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