The Ocean‘s show in Auckland got shut down because someone blew vape smoke in the room. The Ocean joked that they didn’t even hear the smoke alarm off as it in tune with their song “Triassic”, and played until people started leaving the building. The band apologized to fans for not finishing their set, and noted that the vaper in question was actually a nice person.

“the firefighter shut down our Auckland show tonight, because somebody blew a vape in the room,” wrote The Ocean. “No kidding. A sudden end to an epic night. When the smoke alarm came off during ‘Triassic’ it was perfectly in tune with the music, so we kept playing until everybody had to leave the building..

“Venue staff tried to blame that person who was just trying to be fun and actually nice to us, since an Ocean show without smoke or even haze is a big deal type of compromise. Haze simply serves to make lighting beams visible and create a vibe. Without haze, shit will look dull and bland. Shows without haze suck, plain and simple and with all respect due to local policies in heritage buildings…

“Sorry to the ppl of Auckland for not being able to perform the last 2 songs of our set for you tonight. Come to Wellington tomorrow, we’ll make it worth your while.”

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