Kaonashi will release their new EP A Second Chance at Forever: The Brilliant Lies from Casey Diamond on July 26, and is now streaming the first single “Passing Through The Hourglass”. The EP follows Kaonashi‘s longstanding character of Jamie and is a theatrical journey through a muddled high school romance, its wide-ranging complications, and a horrifying discovery at its conclusion.

“These songs make up a fictional story but it’s rooted in our personal experiences,” said Kaonashi vocalist Peter Rono. “We are starting from the ending and moving to the beginning. On the 2021 LP [Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year], it’s about Jamie and it’s the tragedy that happens on graduation day. The last release [2024’s The 3 Faces of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation Of Morgan Montgomery] is about Morgan and their junior year. And this album is about Casey and reveals more about how we ended up at this tragedy.”

Rono added: “There’s a lot of unfortunate stories to get inspiration from and this really is a tragedy, but it’s therapy for me getting it out in these songs.” Stream the single above and check out some Kaonashi merch and tour dates over at their website.

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