Hopefully you’re a fan of Moonspell‘s 2021 album Hermitage, because a new record isn’t right around the corner. According to Moonspell vocalist Fernando Ribeiro in an interview with Chaoszine, the band plans on taking their time with new material in order to make the best possible end product.

“We love to do new music, but we have to wait because I don’t think we’re gonna have a new album before 2025 or ’26, even,” said Ribeiro. “It’s something that we are really talking within the band. I wrote a lot of lyrics, I had a lot of ideas. I threw them out, I picked them up, so it’s this kind of process. And why? Because it has to be a really fucking special album. It cannot be [done on] an automatic pilot. That’s not what you should do in the scene.

“In the scene you should go along the flow, like, ‘Let’s make a new album. Let’s get a new tour,’ and people will follow along. But I think this time around we’re gonna take our time. I think we bought our time, and it was very pricey. So, this time around, I think new music for Moonspell only late 2025 or 2026.”

Ribeiro also spoke a little about how new material may not be as important to fans as it is the band, and how Moonspell could easily just become a legacy act.

“When it comes to new music, first I have to answer myself the question, do people care about new music or it’s just the band that care? I don’t have an answer that allows me to make up my mind. Yeah, because now Moonspell is at this stage, we did a lot of music, we did a lot of different music, and we could live from our legacy from for the next years.

“We can do a Wolfheart tour in 2025, we can do an Irreligious tour in 2026 and so forth, we could do a Sin/Pecado tour in 2028 [all for their 30th anniversaries].”

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