Serj Tankian has scored the upcoming Netflix documentary Hitler And The Nazis: Evil On Trial, which is set to premiere on June 5. On his score and how it all came to be, Tankian offered: “Was truly an honor to be asked by my good friend Joe Berlinger to work on the musical score for the upcoming Netflix Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial series.

“Co-composer Vincent Pedulla and I were asked by Joe to produce music that was based on culturally relevant Jewish compositions and folk songs, some of them having been written in the ghettos and camps during the Holocaust. What you’re hearing now is one of those re-orchestrated and rearranged compositions. This was a very meaningful project to be a part of and I look forward to the series premiere on June 5.”

Hitler And The Nazis: Evil On Trial was directed by Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost, The Ted Bundy Tapes, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) and is based on the work of journalist William L. Shirer in his 1960 publication of The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich. Oddly, the whole documentary is also narrated by an AI version of Shirer, who died in 1993.

“These events took place in an era where we relied on reporters and journalists stationed in foreign countries to report the news to American audiences, and William Shirer was in a unique position as one of the few American correspondents reporting from Germany during the crucial years of Hitler‘s rise and the early years of the war,” said Berlinger. “A lot of his reports were censored in Germany, but he had the courage to smuggle his diaries out at great personal risk.”

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