A recently uploaded video by YouTuber And Tuning For All has given us an unexpected yet intriguing take on Alice in Chains‘ 1992 lauded album Dirt by altering the guitar tuning. The result is a significantly darker and heavier rendition of the band’s already moody and intense music.

This new interpretation involves using Drop B and C# tuning, which creates a lower, more resonant sound. While Alice in Chains originally employed heavy drop D tuning for most of Dirt, this upload showcases how the album’s tracks transform, adding a new layer of darkness to the already sinister collection of songs we have cherished for decades.

In 2022, MusicRadar commemorated the 30th anniversary of Dirt by analyzing each song. They highlighted the complexity of the album’s guitar sound, noting that it was a blend of multiple amplifiers and that Jerry Cantrell often tuned his guitar a half-step down for many tracks. This intricate setup contributed to the distinctive and desolated nature of Dirt‘s original sound.

And if the change in the color of the album cover used by the uploader gives you Type O Negative vibes, you are not alone.

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