Vomit Forth is here to get fucking brutal with their new single “Blood Soaked Death Dream”. The song was produced by Randy Leboeuf and marries grainy VHS footage of vocalist Kane with some seriously demonic imagery for its music video.

“‘Blood Soaked Death Dream’ is about how humans are almost parasitic and self hating in nature,” said Vomit Forth of the single. “We see other people as opportunities and when people see us as an opportunity we feel anger towards them. It’s kind of a walk through that spiritual journey and how we wish we weren’t like that but we are, and as a result there’s an inherent desire to destroy ourselves and everyone around us. In a Blood Soaked Death Dream.”

Vomit Forth is currently working on what they’re calling the “most unsettling, brutal and scary death metal record of all time.” So stay tuned for that.

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