Dream Theater‘s classic 1999 concept album Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory has finally been turned into a full-on novel by author Peter Orullian. The novel was written and edited in close collaboration with Dream Theater, and will arrive just in time for the album’s 25th birthday on October 26. No word on what the chapter for “The Dance of Eternity” will look like, but I’m assuming it’ll just be a huge list of time signatures.

Pre-orders for the Scenes From A Memory novel are available here. The following is a synopsis of the novel: “Nicholas Santori, a sound-engineer who specializes in audio recovery, has had troubling dreams all his life. With the anniversary of his daughter’s death, those dreams have gotten worse, threatening the stability of his family and perhaps his own safety. After receiving cryptic messages about his dreams from his clairvoyant son, Nicholas seeks help from an eccentric hypnotherapist with questionable intentions.

“During regression Nicholas learns that in a former life he was a young girl named Victoria Page, that she was murdered, and that her case was never truly solved. Believing he can end his nightmares if he can solve Victoria’s murder, he finds retired detective Colin Murphy, who’s been obsessed with Victoria’s case since he saw her lying dead seventy years ago in the house where Murphy now lives. Together, they hope to solve the cold case, while someone is desperately trying to stop them.

“But solving the murder is only half the story. Who was Victoria Page? Who were the brothers who vied for her attention—one an addict, gambler, and idealist; the other a politician with connections to the mob and the infamous Bugsy Siegel? Who was their father—Metropolis’s most ruthless industrialist? And how did all these inextricably and dangerously connected lives lead to the murder of a caring young girl who did nothing but share her artistic gift and treat others with an uncommon grace?”

As for the first new Dream Theater album with drummer Mike Portnoy since 2009, it’s coming! The band is currently wrapping things up in the studio and is aiming for an early 2025 release date.

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