Century Media Records and InsideOutMusic have teamed up to reissue two of the legendary Dan Swanö‘s projects – Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale. All reissues have been remastered by Swanö, and some even feature new mixes of the old material. you can check out a remaster of “Black Tears” below and enjoy the majesty that was Edge Of Sanity.

“It’s exhilarating to see these albums available again, detailed and presented as they were always meant to be heard,” said Swanö of the project. “This campaign isn’t just about revisiting the past—it’s about re-introducing these powerful works in their definitive forms, complete with corrected lyrics and rich liner notes.”

Swanö further commented on the reissues on his Unisound Facebook page, adding: “Finally, the day has come when I can share what has been an increasingly large part of my day-to-day since 2018. There’s so much more behind a re-issue campaign than just the music and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Leif Jensen for his help with getting everything together, for his attention to detail and for just being the awesome dude that he is, helping me/us to navigate the waters of this massive undertaking!

“I’d also like to thank my band mates in Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale for their help with anything from liner notes to finding old relics and then send it off to me! There’s so much cool stuff that we will unleash upon mankind along the journey! Mega thanks to Magnus Larnhed for his help with all the legal stuff, TPL-Micke for his help with the shipping of stuff and for the awesome VHS stuff!

“Also thanks to Gamen and Matte P. for lending us more VHS tapes! Ragge for the danswano.com fix. And of course, Century Media/InsideOut/Sony for believing in us and for the awesome deal that enable us to re-issue the stuff without compromises!

“A special extra thanks to my amazing wife Eva Maria Swanö for putting up with me through these extra-work-load-heavy years.”

The “First Chapter” of the re-issue series includes classics Purgatory Afterglow, Until Eternity Ends, and Nothing But Death Remains from Edge Of Sanity, as well as Nightfall Overture and I by Nightingale. You can pre-order all five releases right here.

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