Legendary record producer Peter Collins – the man responsible for classics from bands like Rush, Queensrÿche, Alice Cooper, and more – has sadly died at 73 years old.

Rush posted of Collins‘ passing on their Instagram page, saying: “Peter Collins was our beloved producer for 4 albums. First on Power Windows (’85),then Hold Your Fire (’87),Counterparts (’93) and Test For Echo (’96). We loved seeing him in Nashville when we came through on tour. He had a mischievous, beaming smile and great sense of humour. He will be so missed…. RIP Mr. Big“.

Rush bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee added: “So sad to hear of the passing of Peter Collins. A dear, dear friend and producer of 4 different Rush albums. During periods in the 80’s and 90’s we had some incredible musical adventures together, in various studios across the globe. He truly was our Mr. Big… with his ever present cigar and constant good humour. After hitting the record button, I can still hear him say ‘OK boys, from the topping … no stopping!’

“We love ya B, rest in peace and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson added: “Peter Collins will forever live in my memory as Mr. Big, sitting at his control centre beside a recording console with his ubiquitous tools: a legal pad, an ashtray and a Monte Cristo No. 2.

“Love you B. Farewell.”

Fellow master of progressive rock Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy added: ” Sad to hear of the passing of legendary Producer Peter Collins. I had the honor of working with Peter making the first Flying Colors album back in 2011. He also Produced such classic albums as Rush‘s Power Windows & Counterparts and Queensrÿche‘s Operation: Mindcrime & Empire among so many others…He was an absolute pleasure to work with and gave us so many great memories and hilarious expressions & quotes that we still reference to this day…(that is his voice that kicks off the 1st FC album ‘standby studio and good luck’) #RIPPeterCollins”.

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